Codbod's software uses geography to enhance performance reporting

  • We apply geo-spatial and GIS discipline to organisational reporting challenges
  • We work with a mix of data from sensors, meters, monitors, mobile devices, spreadsheets
  • We expose, visualise, analyse, disclose and add context
  • We make data visible and meaningful
  • We specialise in environmental management and monitoring

Described as 'CSI meet Cicero'*, Codbod is a software and services company that is taking geography into business. It is applying rigour, discipline and technology from the geographic information industry and applying it to the measurement of business performance and associated reporting. Its software takes data from ground based and airborne sensors, meters, automated monitors, mobile devices or spreadsheets and turns it into useful maps, reports and intelligence.

Codbod’s keystone expertise is environmental data and performance. Its customers share a need to manage and monitor data on air emissions, solid waste, water resources, effluent, raw materials efficiency, energy, biodiversity, noise, odour and other environmental metrics. This is then used for corporate environmental management, environmental monitoring and responding to environmental incidents and emergencies. This need is driven by regulation, internal targets and systems and the disclosure demands of stakeholders such as customers and local communities.

*Nick Booth, IDG Connect, November 2013

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