What we do

Combine geo-spatial technologies and analytics

Topolytics software combines geo-spatial technologies and analytics to make sense of environmental data from a growing array of sources, including mobile, fixed and airborne sensors.

Turn complex and varied data into useful information

Topolytics turns complex and varied corporate, public and citizen data into useful information for management teams, regulators, customers and communities.

Discover things about waste, emissions and resource use

Topolytics’ customers discover things about waste, emissions and resource use that help them reduce risks, lower costs and enhance competitive advantage.

Why do we do it

Measuring and describing environmental risk management is challenge for many organisations. We help our customers measure and engage cost effectively and discover useful things that they should know.

Environmental processes are increasingly of interest to management teams, customers, regulators, investors or communities. They have different requirements, but fundamentally want to understand environmental risk.

Waste and emissions can be complex, changeable, sometimes hazardous and generate a small or big volume and velocity of data.

How do we do it

We provide corporate customers with a powerful but intuitive means of managing data and reporting, in real time, to customers and other stakeholders.

We provide industrial facilities, regulators and government authorities with a platform for using fixed, mobile or airborne sensors to monitor environmental processes and risks.

We offer waste management companies and utilities with an effective way to empower and engage their customers on resource use.

Where we are

You can contact us at info@topolytics.com. We’d love to hear from you.