A low-cost, cloud-based service improving the efficiency of environmental management

  • reduce the cost of environmental management
  • respond to customer demands
  • increase competitive advantage
  • provide instant, point in time reports on environmental performance
  • map environmental assets and processes

Improved efficiency

Codbod improves the efficiency of environmental management, identifies cost savings and allows you to respond instantly to customers, employees, head office, regulators, investors and communities.

A low-cost cloud-based service

Codbod is a low cost cloud-based service. Our core offering is the online management and reporting system where you can upload business critical environmental data, commentary, images and video. You can then analyse the data, identify key locations and create real-time performance reports in map, dashboard and narrative form at the touch of a button.

You may be experiencing increased scrutiny of environmental performance from customers, regulators and funders. At the same time, environmental management may be a responsibility shared with other functions, such as sales or quality. Time and accuracy is therefore of the essence - Codbod will reduce the former and increase the latter.

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